Photo by  Alyssa Leicht

Photo by Alyssa Leicht


As collectors of skulls, fur, and other various remnants of death, the Honeycreeper girls ooze punk rock energy plagued by indifference to the chaotic and ephemeral nature of assigned meaning. Woven into their songs are threads of race, gender, addiction, and relationships - the band admittedly vexed by these universal issues while simultaneously rejecting their perceived authority.


With occasional dips into the realms of surf and jazz, paired with lighthearted 1970s-styled harmonies, Honeycreeper obscures genres without respect for tradition. “We’re not blonde, we’re not models, and we can sing a bit / You don’t have to like us because we don’t give a shit.”


Guitar, Vocals / Lisa Burner
Lead Guitar / Jessica Villegas
Bass, Vocals / Kelsi Thrap
Drums, Vocals / Lindsay Keast